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Our Services

Residential Engineering

Residential Engineering in general deals with single homes and condominiums. Over the last two decades homes have increased dramatically in size in many cases making Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code inapplicable.

In these cases, Professional Engineering is required to properly design the structural elements of the residence according to Part 4 of the Building Code. We focus on providing proficient designs in combination with a quick turnaround.

Commercial Engineering

Commercial Engineering handles the design of buildings of larger scale. We have worked with many architects, developers, owners and contractors all over Ontario and abroad in projects like schools, banks, industrial plants, warehouses and apartment buildings.

Our experience includes the design of cold formed steel, structural steel and concrete buildings.

Solar Engineering

We perform preliminary structural assessment and prepare permit drawings for the installation of solar systems on existing residential, commercial or agricultural buildings

Our support for the solar industry includes the design of ground mount systems,carports, develop of new products and project specific engineering.

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Strut Metal Framing Engineering

Strut Metal Framing Engineering covers the design of structures like medical equipment supports, ceiling grids, walkways and platforms using products like Unistrut and Sasco Strut.

We understand that each project is distinctive and involves a singular degree of attention on both cost effectiveness and practicality. BFP Engineering Solutions provides professional and realistic solutions to meet our client's requirements.

Truss Engineering

Truss Engineering manage the design of engineered wood and floor systems, as well as, cold formed steel trusses and floor systems. BFP Engineering Solutions has been providing the highest quality of structural engineering services to our Truss clients.

We provide stamped engineering drawings, repair details and on-site inspections. Over the past few years, we have reviewed and approved thousands of trusses for commercial, residential and farm projects all over Ontario.

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering entails the design of polebarns with kneebraces or diaphragms including manure tanks. BFP Engineering Solutions has engineered agricultural building like horse arenas, diary barns, greenhouses and poultry barns.

Over the last a few years, we have become a leader in providing agricultural building design.